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A Higher Calling:

Transforming Emergency Medicine

“At IES, we are committed to improving value-based healthcare delivery. We aren’t simply service providers, we’re crusaders of change, driven with intent and focused on the future.”

Nick Zenarosa, MD, FACEP | Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Through the development of innovative processes and solutions, Integrative Emergency Services (IES) seeks to improve the way healthcare is practiced across the continuum of care and enhance the role of emergency medicine. We have a bold vision of what emergency medicine could be, and strive to be the pacesetter that inspires others. Our business was not built to merely staff emergency departments (EDs); it exists to improve outcomes for practices and patients alike, and to purposely shape the future of emergency medicine.

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Our mission is what drives us, and this sense of purpose translates into mindful everyday business practices. IES partners with local physician groups to help create a culture of excellence through leadership, research, education, knowledge translation and data-driven decision-making. IES’s high-touch approach with physician groups provides both clinical and financial benefits, resulting in EDs that deliver high-value healthcare to patients and bring value to the bottom line.

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