BEST EMS Cadaver Lab

The goal of IES is to align ED operations and clinical quality with the objectives of managed care organizations and their patient populations. Our approach to managing patient populations focuses on applying our value equation at each point of service across the continuum of care – beginning with the emergency medical services care arena.

In conjunction with BEST, PA we are hosting our quarterly BEST EMS Cadaver Lab on May 20, 2019, at an Anatomy Lab in Dallas. The course is led by two (2) of our BEST EMS Medical Directors, supported by paramedic educators, who oversee and educate EMS providers on the procedures in our protocols. To offer attendees an enhanced learning experience, the equipment used in the course is the same as the equipment used in their ambulances for procedures. Once the required procedures have been completed, students are encouraged to participate in additional life-saving procedures that can be seen in the emergency department setting (such as chest tubes, lateral canthotomy or thoracotomy). The course concludes with our physicians dissecting and demonstrating any anatomical or physiologic structures the students want to learn more about – this is when we remove the skull cap and allow the paramedics to hold the brain and see how strong the dural covering is to better understand how and why brain injuries occur.

Along with the evidence-based attendees earn, course participants will develop the knowledge, tools, and expertise needed to ensure and maintain the highest level of care quality in the delivery of emergency medical services

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