Emergency Medicine Job Opportunities & Careers

Advanced Practice Providers

At IES, we create environments that allow our clinicians to focus on revolutionizing emergency medicine and unscheduled healthcare delivery. Our advanced practice providers are an integral part of an organized effort to develop and implement evidence-based practices. Using the best proven protocols, they are making a daily difference in the delivery of high-value healthcare.


Physician Assistants

At IES, we promote a collegial culture in which physician assistants have the opportunity to work with many resources to improve the care they provide. With a focus on education, research and continual learning, they can stay up to date in their practice. We excel in the area of clinical leadership as evidenced by our many directorship roles. Our medical directors and lead physician assistants invest time in running highly effective and efficient EDs, while ensuring their staff maintains a healthy work-life balance.

Nurse Practitioners

At IES, we are focused on the quality of care we give our patients as well as the quality of the environment in which our nurse practitioners work. Ours is a supportive, caring, proactive, professional and fair environment which promotes quality, safety and innovation. We have a strong collegial culture and a family-oriented atmosphere with a commitment to work-life balance.


“Working for IES has truly been the best experience of my career. This is not only an environment that welcomes the advanced practice provider, but also one that helps to elevate their practice and encourages leadership among the ranks. If you are looking for a place where both your hard work and intellect will be appreciated, this is a great place to call home.” Kevin S. Marcum, System Director of Advanced Practice, IES