Emergency Medicine Job Opportunities & Careers


For physicians who specialize in emergency medicine, the IES approach is designed to provide the environment, intellectual resources and administrative support they need so they can focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

Reflecting our mission-driven philosophy, we bring together physicians who are fully committed to shaping and improving emergency care—doctors possessing the highest level of ethics, who are passionately devoted to contributing to the betterment of their field, now and in the future. We specialize in the emergency discipline and so do our doctors, most of whom are board-certified in emergency medicine. Within our collegial culture, with its emphasis on education, research and continuous learning, providers have access to a variety of resources to improve the care they provide.

“I am truly honored to work for IES. The opportunity to grow as a leader, improve processes and practice evidence-based emergency medicine are the factors that drew me to the company. I also appreciate that the ED directors from each hospital are willing to share best practices to help make us all better!” Dr. Joseph Young, Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas