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Establishing New Health and Safety Norms

Integrative Emergency Services (IES) is committed to developing innovative processes and solutions to improve the way healthcare is practiced across the continuum. Our board-certified emergency physicians work in hospitals where they are exposed to some of the highest-levels of communicable diseases – including COVID-19. Because of our extensive training and expertise, our physicians have one of the lowest rates of infection. IES Health and Safety Solutions is putting this experience and expertise to practical use by partnering with institutions to develop plans for the safe and successful reopening of schools and workplaces. We assist you in safely navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and the evolving challenges presented by the ‘new norm’. We are here to partner and support your needs over the coming months and years.

Health and Safety Solutions for Schools and Workplaces

Health and safety are paramount and while COVID-19 has challenged us to develop new norms, we are here to help you create a safe and productive environment where your organization can continue to thrive. The risk of being infected or spreading infection needs to be mitigated and this can be done with our comprehensive and customizable strategies for infection prevention and control. Our services include:

of the environment to identify potential areas of risk. This includes a complete assessment of all physical spaces and day-to-day activities, while ensuring compliance with the latest state, county, federal and educational agency guidelines

of ways to mitigate infection risk by providing effective yet practical solutions

protocols are developed to help prepare the campus/workplace when someone contracts a highly infectious disease such as COVID-19. Our focus is on minimizing disruption while ensuring safety. Our approach is collaborative. We partner with the leadership team to identify problem areas and develop workable solutions that are practical.

is maintained and updated to include the ever-changing guidelines and we will collect data to measure success.

Partnering with Institutions to Support Your Needs


Nick Zenarosa

Nick Zenarosa, MD, FACEP

Liz Fagan

Elizabeth Fagan, MD, FACEP

Revathi “Jo” Jyothindran, MD

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