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If you are concerned about possible COVID-19 symptoms, click the link below for more information about our COVID-19 tests.

Staying Ahead of the Curve,
Establishing New Health and Safety Norms

Integrative Emergency Services (IES) innovates processes, improving the way healthcare is practiced across the continuum. Our board-certified emergency medicine physicians apply their frontline expertise in disease and infection management, creating innovative, yet practical, solutions for the public setting. IES Health and Safety Solutions partner with institutions, developing plans for the safe and successful reopening of schools and workplaces.

Health and Safety Solutions for Schools and Workplaces

Health and safety are paramount, and while COVID-19 challenges us to develop new norms, we are here to help you create and maintain safe and productive environments. The risk of being infected or spreading infection needs to be mitigated. We customize our comprehensive strategies for infection prevention and control, enabling your organization to thrive.

  • Identify potential areas of risk
  • Assess all physical spaces and day-to-day activities

  • Mitigate infection risk by providing effective yet practical solutions
  • Minimize disruption while ensuring safety
  • Collaborate with leadership to identify problem areas

  • Compliance with the latest state, county, and federal guidelines
  • Data collection to measure success
  • Access to our proprietary telemedicine platform

  • Provide COVID-19 testing solutions based on needs and risk of exposure to staff, and in the event of an outbreak
  • Develop protocols in preparation for when someone contracts a highly infectious disease such as COVID-19
  • Engineer technological solutions to improve health security, such as air filtration devices, novel cleaning materials and techniques, and interpersonal social distancing software

Partnering with Institutions to Support Your Needs


Nick Zenarosa

Nick Zenarosa, MD, FACEP

Liz Fagan

Elizabeth Fagan, MD, FACEP

Revathi “Jo” Jyothindran, MD

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“IES has provided our school and our families with much-needed peace of mind during these stressful times in the world.  They collaborated with our Health and Safety Task Force to identify problem areas and create a thorough re-entry plan.  These practical solutions allow our students to learn and thrive with minimal disruptions to their academic, social, and emotional well being.”Nicole DeVoss, Assistant Director & Social Skills Coordinator, Oak Hill Academy