Innovative Strategies to Promote Individual Resilience and Engagement

At IES, we actively cultivate a culture that gives every one of our providers the opportunity to be the very best version of themselves. By fostering resiliency, we look to enable peak performance—not just in the moment, but as the norm.

As part of this abiding commitment, we have introduced a comprehensive program created specifically for IES clinical staff. INSPIRE—Innovative Strategies to Promote Individual Resilience and Engagement—has been developed in partnership with Stanford University and enhanced to sustain and assist emergency medicine clinicians through on-site advocacy and guidance, corporate involvement and individual benefits. By mindfully adjusting the way we Introspectively view ourselves and interact with one another, we aim to alleviate stress and enhance adaptability, allowing our clinicians to remain in top form.

Our preventative program is designed to counter the emotional, mental and physical toll associated with the relentless pressures of the ED through:

  • Peer support
  • Collegiality
  • Mindful leadership
  • A healthy work environment
  • Tactical efficiencies
  • Lifestyle guidance
  • Values alignment
  • Collaboration

Ultimately, we look to shape a holistically engaging environment by providing our clinicians with the teaching, training, and tools they need to adapt and become more resilient. At each IES-affiliated facility, a rigorously trained, peer-nominated INSPIRE lead acts as a Resilience Captain for IES caregivers and ensures that our initiative is embraced and customized at the local level. Throughout the year INSPIRE tailors programs and resources that help support and cultivate a culture of emotional, mental, and physical wellness.  INSPIRE, however, is much more than a traditional wellness program – it is a deliberate cultural mindset – one that is shaped and reinforced by each of our providers and the values we exemplify.