Peer Support Request Tool

As we deal with the constant uncertainty of complex emergency care, our minds frequently cycle through what-if scenarios that overshadow our peace of mind and may even consume our personal lives. The right support, at the right time, can make all the difference in keeping us resilient and allowing us to maintain our passion for emergency medicine.

The INSPIRE team has partnered with Baylor Scott and White’s peer support program, SWADDLE, in an effort to create a network of emergency medicine providers who are trained in providing confidential peer support.

Whether it be a personal crisis, medical error, malpractice suit or patient complaint, our nominated IES peers are trained in active listening and psychological first aid. All interactions are privileged and will remain confidential. Many of our peers are themselves experienced in healthcare adversity.

Peer Support

This resource is available to all clinicians at any IES affiliated site. We encourage you to choose any of the peers listed at any site, by clicking on the link below.
Except for a method of contact, no other information is required. We do not maintain any records of peer support interactions. Alternately, if you are familiar with one of our peers listed below, please do not hesitate to contact them personally. We strive to have a peer of your choice contact you within 24 hours.

Trauma Reset

While critical situations continuously surround us, some are particularly traumatic – not just to the providers but also to the rest of the staff. Frequently the aftershocks can be felt for many days. Please contact your site medical director or the INSPIRE team at if you would like a team to be dispatched to your site for staff support.

Peer Support Champions

BSWH – All Saints

Brendon Baird​, PA

BSWH – Carrollton​

Ted Qualls​, MD

BSWH – Dallas

Terry Noah​, MD, FACEP

BSWH – Grapevine​

Gordon Aalund​, MD

BSWH – Irving​

Emile Ellcey​, NP

BSWH – Lake Pointe​

Eric Daniel, MD

Lisa Garrett​, PA-C

Kashif Taufique​, MD

Jared Wolf, MD

BSWH – Llano & Marble Falls​

Robert Rosillo​, MD

BSWH – McKinney​

Elizabeth Fagan, MD, FACEP

Stephanie Mo, MD

Kevin Marcum, PA-C, MPAS

BSWH – Waco

Randy Hartman, MD

Revathi Jyothindran, MD

Meghan Ruscitto, MMS, PA-C

BSWH – Waxahachie​

Todd Aspegren​, MD

Kara Hicks, NP

IES Corporate

Dahlia Hassani, MD, MBA, FACEP