Emergency Department Partners


The goal of IES is to align ED operations and clinical quality with the objectives of managed care organizations and their patient populations. Working with mission-driven thought leaders in emergency medicine, IES is able to offer cutting-edge innovation and consistent, high-quality performance to provider groups and practices, hospitals and healthcare providers.

Many national ED staffing companies exist simply to fill shifts. This approach results in low provider satisfaction, poor clinical quality and quickly overturned contracts. At IES, creating a quality-driven culture is paramount. Starting with a fully staffed roster, we use data analytics and performance management, clinical leadership, research and education, and high performing back-office business support to cultivate an environment of excellence.

In the world of clinical staffing, management and practice, IES offers several distinct and incomparable functions:

  • In addition to staffing EDs, urgent care centers and observation units with clinicians, IES takes responsibility for developing leadership roles in all facilities.
  • IES provides assessments, direction, coaching and consulting for EDs, urgent care centers and observation units, providing leadership as well as guidance for department and nursing operations.
  • IES provides implementation of a program for chronic disease management in the ED and observation unit which includes the first 23 hours of care as well as the transition to primary care.