Emergency Department Partners


With the majority of all hospital admissions passing through the ED, and with most primary care originating from there as well, the scope and scale of today’s emergency medicine is far broader than episodic trauma care. For hospitals, it is critical to meet the increasing demand at this point of entry with an effective, finely managed ED.

At IES, we aim for our EDs to be the finest places to give and receive care; the best-in-breed, producing better patient outcomes, lower recidivism rates and increased hospital revenue through right-sized triage. We are committed to creating and continually improving the efficiency and effectiveness of evidence-based protocols and helping hospitals deliver the highest value care.

To improve outcomes across the continuum of care and add value, we work collaboratively with hospital leadership in a true partnership which benefits the hospital, clinical team and patient population. Together, our day-to-day activities, dedication and overall results all serve to uphold the reputations of the hospitals at which we operate.


“I’ve had many experiences with IES in various settings at multiple hospitals and can say they are a true partner for hospital operators. They drive patient quality, safety and satisfaction in all aspects of their daily work and leadership decisions.”  – Nursing Executive, leading healthcare system in Texas.


IES has been a wonderful group to work withkind, caring, patient-centered and educationfocused. All of the physicians, APPs, nurses and administrative assistants within IES take a team approach to healthcare, and the organization strives to provide a compassionate patient experience. As nurse leader, Ive enjoyed working to improve patient outcomes and bridge relationships among staff.”  – Clinical Leader, regional medical center in North Texas.