Nahla Darkazally, MD

Dr. Nahla Darkazally was born the youngest of 3 children in Toronto, Canada. She & her family moved to Arlington, Texas when she was almost 16 years old and Texas has been home ever since. Even while in medical school in San Antonio, Texas she felt that minimizing patient suffering and learning to deal with all aspects of death and dying were incredibly important aspects of medical care. She even took an elective course on death and dying.  She completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at the Indianapolis School of Medicine in 2004. She chose Emergency Medicine as she wanted to be able to treat whomever and whatever came through the “doors” and try to offer them the same respect and compassion she believes all people should be shown.  

While in the BSW All Saints Emergency Roomshe regularly saw a population of patients that started to interest her more and more. The group is the recently discharged patients: nursing facility and group home patients, and the elderly. She started learning what was needed to address concerns that brought these patients and their families back to the same or different hospitals seeking further medical guidance. Sometimes, the patients needed admission to the hospital, but often it was an issue that perhaps could have been addressed before the need to come to the Emergency department arose. Involving case management early, providing home health care, hospice, or even communicating with the previous providers on the team, as well as communicating thoroughly with the families and patients seemed imperative.  

As her family ages and she makes her way in her career, she keeps that belief that a physician’s duty is to treat a patient ethically and to work to relieve suffering. Sometimes, that is by helping to cure a disease.  Sometimes, that is by best managing the symptoms of the disease as compassionately as possible. When she is not working, she is usually spending time with her son and extended family.  She is an avid reader and loves studying language “for fun”.  She grew up speaking English and (spoken) Arabic and studying French. She started studying Spanish while in medical school. She is a certified yoga instructor and has used the principles of yoga and meditation to help with breathing, physical fitness, and calming the mind.