IES Practice Management, Performance Management & Consulting


At IES, we are content experts in both performance management and practice management. For a practice that chooses to focus on performance management, we can help improve overall delivery through proven protocols. For those in need of practice management services, we can provide a full suite of back-office components.

Whether partners seek solutions for identifying and implementing fixes for broken processes or best-in-class back-office support, IES is the one-stop-shop for all performance management and practice management needs. And, our programs are flexible; we work with practices in the manner in which they are accustomed to operating rather than asking practices to conform to a system which doesn’t fit their needs.

The consultancy is a true partnership built on a common goal of excellence, and it is tailored to practices which have the ability and resources to initiate change. IES doesn’t just deliver recommendations; it puts ideas into action, incentivizes the applications and measures performance to create value.

Our Approach. V = Q + A / $

Value: Our focus is creating high-value healthcare delivery through the development and support of high-performance groups by increasing the quality of care provision, increasing patient access to healthcare and reducing costs for stakeholders across the continuum of care.

Higher Quality: We equip partners with the tools necessary to create a quality-centric culture in the practice environment by employing evidence-based protocols to the process of identifying, developing and implementing the best quality solutions across the care continuum. We specialize in fixing broken processes, establishing best practices, limiting practice variation and aligning stakeholder incentives. Leveraging expertise in both clinical leadership strategy and knowledge translation, our ability to develop and implement evidence-based protocols is unparalleled. These protocols improve the speed and impact at which new clinical knowledge translates to improved health outcomes across the continuum of care.

Better Access: We arm our partners with the infrastructure solutions needed to develop an integrated approach to care delivery which serves to increase patient access and provider coordination across the continuum of care. Implementing an integrated system of EDs, urgent care centers and observation units allows partners to deliver the highest possible healthcare value to the populations they serve. Applying our operational approach of resource matching to care provision across various points-of-service allows patients seeking healthcare to receive it in the most appropriate setting, at the best cost point, whenever they need it.

Lower Costs: We enable partners to utilize our propriety data analytics software and performance management tools to track and measure performance, right-size care delivery and decrease variation in care at point of service.

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