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Performance Management

At IES, our signature performance management program is our means of identifying, disseminating, implementing and measuring best practices in emergency medicine through leadership, education and analytics. By increasing the quality of care with better ways of triaging and providing right-sized care to drive down costs, IES physicians directly contribute to the bottom line.

Our Approach. V = Q + A / $

Value: Our approach is designed to empower physician leaders to manage patient populations more effectively and efficiently while driving better outcomes and decreasing overall costs. This approach creates greater value for all stakeholders in the healthcare industry. In addition to urgent, emergency and unscheduled access to care, IES assists EDs in identifying chronic diseases and developing care plans that mitigate morbidity and enhance the quality of life for patients and their families.

Higher Quality: We help create a practice environment which aligns incentives and enables providers to work in collaboration at the top of their skill sets using data analytics and operational insights. Providers have access to our evidence-based practices, critical skill labs and thought leadership.

Better Access: Our operational approach blends the staffing of EDs, urgent care facilities and clinical decision units in an integrated fashion to deliver the right care at the right time. Through our clinically based process ReMEDI (Resource Matching Emergency Department Integration), we align patients with the most appropriate level of care and provide organizations with the right processes and infrastructure to transition patients to outpatient care venues through alternative disposition models.

Lower Costs: Through efficient staffing, resource utilization and clinical protocols, we work to right-size care and costs for patients, hospitals and payors.


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